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Animations in UX: The Subconscious Influence of Motion

If you’re not leveraging interface animations to influence your users, you are missing a critical component of UX design. Like body language, motion design supplies a rich, often-subconscious layer of meaning & personality to every micro-interaction. Digital products can leverage the same techniques used by cartoon animators, actors & dancers to convey personality, improve comprehension & influence behavior through movement.  Learn the right animation styles for your brand, users & product.  

The Checkbox That Ruined My Life: Manipulative Design

Marketers and experience designers know that subtle nudges toward a specific action can make a huge impact on human behavior. The science of behavior change combined with the emotional drive of good marketing is powerful stuff. But as Spiderman taught us, “With great power comes great responsibility.” What does it look like when that power is abused? It might be blatant like a four-screen email opt-out process (Yes, I really do want to unsubscribe). Or it might be subtle like a credit card company pre-checking “Pay Minimum Due” on their online payment form. Learn to expose designs that cross the line between persuasion and manipulation and avoid the pitfalls in your own work.

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